Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spell Polish - Time Traveling Collection: Swatches & Nail Art

press sample 

Hello my friends! I have a new to me collection to share with you today - the Time Traveling Collection by Spell Polish! I have been so busy lately but I've been dying to share these. This fall collection is inspired by memories from the past and I love that, while the memories are personal to Heather, the lady behind Spell Polish, they are also universal in one way or another and things that each of us can relate to in our own way. 

I did not realize until working with Heather, that she writes poems to coincide with each shade. She then includes a cute little trading card with the polish name and poem with each polish purchased. How cool is that? So let's get started and take a look at the Time Traveling Collection! 

Turning Back Waves is a vivid lapis blue with a soft pearlescent shimmer. It dries to an almost matte , latex-y finish. The formula was slightly thin but still very esy to work with and shown is 3 coats. This did seem to leave some brush strokes but it’s very minimal. Because of the nature of this shade, it’s a potential stainer so use caution.
Second Heartbeat is a fiery burnt orange metallic with gold flakes mixed in. It’s a stunning fall shade! Make sure to use a top coat with this one to help smooth everything out as those flakes me protrude just a touch. Easy formula and shown is 3 coats.
The Edge of the Sky is a beautiful teal with a shimmery metallic finish that leans duo-chrome-y. It is stunning in the bottle, but I absolutely love it on the nail. Smooth and breezy formula and shown is 2 coats.
Stars in Our Pockets is a brightened indigo blue metallic with pops of silver and magenta flakes. It does lean almost blurple and overall, it gives off a great night sky effect that matches its name. Easy application and just 2 coats needed.
Distant Ships is a blue toned periwinkle, almost foil finished, shade. It has a pretty metallic finish and is very soft and wearable. Shown is 2 super smooth coats.
Summer Nights Like Magic is a rich indigo with a silvery iridescent shimmer. It is very much like a beautiful summer night’s sky and it absolutely evokes good feelings and memories of late night bonfires and star gazing. Easy and smooth formula and here is 2-3 coats. This does stain if you’re not careful.
Untold Secrets is a rich magenta with a coppery-gold duo chrome shift. The first coat was much pinker on the nail than in the bottle, but a couple coats darkens it up. It also has a few sprinklings of gold/copper flakes. Nice formula and shown with 3 coats.
Homecoming is a burgundy polish with multi-chrome flakes ranging across the color spectrum. Easy formula and here is 2 generous coats.
Rebel Ride is a burnt cranberry similar to homecoming with multi-chrome flakies mixed in. Nice, buildable color to the one and here is 3 coats.
Heartland is a dark olive green with more of the multi-chrome flakes. This is going to probably be a “love it or hate it” shade – personally I enjoy unique shades like this! Again, buildable coverage and needs 2-3 coats.
Pink on Our Backs is a hot pink shimmer with more flakies, this time iridescent and coppery in tone. It’s not a super unique shade, but it’s still very fun and I’m sure all the pink lovers out there will appreciate it :) here is 2 coats. 

I was also inspired by a few of these shades and their names/poems. I came up with a few looks and you'll have to tell me what you think of them :)

Inspired by Turning Back Waves. Simple waves in acrylic paint and matte top coat.

Inspired by Second Heartbeat - quite literally I painted heartbeats and they appear on a heart rate monitor!

Inspired by The Edge of the Sky, this one is meant to look like bokeh, the effect you get when you see blurred lights at night. I envisioned a rain covered window, looking out at the lights while driving at night <3

Inspired by Stars in Our Pockets...pretty straight forward, but I can't resist painting a star gazing scene! Black and white acrylic paint and a matte top coat.

Inspired by Distant Ships. I wanted to create something whimsical and magical so it's meant to look like a ship flying through the night sky :) shades of acrylic paint and matte top coat to make it more readable.

Finally, inspired by Summer Nights Like Magic, I did a fun wood block style design. Kind of fun I think? Feels a touch wintery (it was meant to be grass and not snow!), but I still like the final result.

So, what do you think? Any shade in particular calling your name??

The entire Time Traveling Collection is available now from (along with their previous collections). Be sure to follow Spell Polish on your favorite social media sites to stay up to date with the latest collections and promotions!

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