Saturday, December 12, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Winter

nothing to disclose 

Well, hello, hello! I have finally gotten my act together enough this week to get back to posting with the fabulous ladies that contribute to the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas each week! As we're getting close to the official first day of winter, we've gone with a theme guessed it, winter!

I decided to go with something a bit non-traditional for my winter look, though because it's a fair isle print christmas sweater style look, I figured it still very much counts for winter!

I always enjoy taking a traditional and well known pattern and using a unique and intriguing color palette. So, for today I've gone with a bold and bright base polish in the form of China Glaze's Shore Enuff! This was actually apart of their summer collection which just goes to show that you can use any polish you'd like year round ;)

I started with a base of Shore Enuff and followed everything up with natural buff and black acrylic paint. Check out my youtube video below to see how I painted the fair isle snowflake!
Overall, I am absolutely smitten with this design! While it has elements of a classic fair isle print, I think the combination of lines and stylings are very much my own. I had a great time getting creative and coming up with this combo!

And, because I am more and more finding it a nececcity of a finished mani, I top coated it with OPI's Matte Top Coat.

Be sure to check out all the other manis in the inlinkz below to see what everyone created this week! There are so many talented ladies contributing to our (over) 40 looks each week!

I would just love to hear what you think of this look! Let me know and happy polishing :)