Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Succulent Inspired Nail Art (yes, nail art!)

Hello, all! I am so thrilled about today's nail art because, well, it's nail art! Nail art that I did "just because"! I haven't had much time lately to just create some art because I'm in the mood. While I love swatching and love spreading the word of new polishes and whatnot, I seriously miss my nail art roots all the time and I really want to make a point of doing more nail art again. Just because I want to and not because I have to. 
So for today, I fell down a fabric print/pattern rabbit hole and came across a wonderful succulent inspired print that is to die for! I think I need bedding made out of it - it's beautiful! It felt like a fresh take on some of my favorite floral looks and it was one of those things that I had to paint as soon as I saw it. 
I used a base of China Glaze's Exotic Encounters which is still one of my favorite polishes. EE is actually from CG's On Safari collection which is to this day my favorite collection ever - it truly made me feel completely and utterly in love with nail polish (yes, I was already on the way there, but this was THE collection for me). 
I used various craft acrylic paints (seriously, if you do nail art and you haven't picked up a few of these yet, you're missing out! It makes everything so much easier and you can get a 2oz bottle that last for years for about $1!) for the detailing. 
Side story/vent (feel free to skip to the next section!)...I have a clear acrylic shelving system that I store all my acrylic paints on next to my desk. Well, tonight I accidentally knocked one of the bottles behind my desk and was reaching (dumbly) over the top of my shelves trying to grab the escaped bottle. I'm sure you all can assume what Mr. Bean/Magoo moment ensued immidiately after this -_- my entire shelving unit fell off my desk and the shelf itself broke. So I went from picking up 1 runaway bottle to 50+. To top it off, I was kind of a jerk and took out my frustration on my fiance, further proving that I can quite an ass. Anyway, that literally happened about an hour ago and I needed to get it off my chest! I did manage to MacGyver the shelves so they're function until I can hopefully buy a new one so that's the silver lining I suppose (who would have thought that a small tupperware container could come in handy!?).
So, how do you like these? I feel like they're still very much my style and I'm feeling really inspired to keep up with the art aspect of my blog again! (Sorry for all the photos, I'm just excited!).