Saturday, May 10, 2014

Winstonia Summer Grab Bag - Nail Art, Nail Wraps & Discount Code

Hi, everyone! I've had a weird and tiring week outside of nail art, but I'm back with some photos of items from Winstonia's latest grab bag! They've put together a fun mix of items for summer, all at a very reasonable price. In this summer's grab bag, they've included the following: 

Carrying Bag

All said and done, if you were to purchase these products individually, it'd cost you almost $31...and the summer grab bag is just $10 ($9 if you use my code at the bottom!).

First up, let's look at the two-way detailing brush & dotter.
I really like the idea of this tool - it's convenient to have two very important tools attached to each other. I think the dotting tool size is great (I personally prefer smaller dots over larger ones) but I wish that the brush was thinner. The brush itself is good quality, but it's a bit on the thick side and pretty tough to work with if you want any sort of fine details. That being said, if you don't mind trimming your brushes down, I think this one has great potential to be trimmed. 

The nail art shown is done with just this brush. The stems, leaves and petals are done with the brush,and the center dots use the dotting tool. 
Moving on to the nail wraps! I don't typically use nail wraps, but I really appreciate the ease of them. I liked that there was not big fuss about getting these on my fingers. Some products require heating or special prep, but these were just peel and stick. Like most nail wraps, these claim they will last 14 days, but I really can't speak to their longevity as I change my polish so often. For the price of this grab bag, I do think these are a good deal as you're getting 2 sets of wraps for just over the price of one wrap (plus all the extra goodies in the bag). 

The two wrap styles that come in the grab bag are a bright and cheery pastel abstract print...
And a super glittery semi-realistic leopard print! 
I really like both prints for different reasons and I think they'd be great for everyday wear or some special occasion. 

There is also a 30 pack of orange sticks that will likely last me forever. Overall, I think this is a fun grab bag and if you enjoy using nail wraps I think it's a great deal. You can purchase all this for just $10 from Winstonia and if you use the code WPSUMGB you'll receive $1 off of your order (valid until May 31st). 

What do you think of this grab bag? Would you use any of the products in here? 

Happy Polishing :)