Monday, June 3, 2013

Coco Allure Snap Dragon Swatch and Review

Good evening everyone! In the world of nail polish, I think everyone would agree that aside from all of our polish drying up, breaking a nail is without a doubt our biggest fear. And that happened to me today :( quick, someone play me the world's smallest violin! 

Breaking my nail may have no real world implications, it is still pretty darn frustrating! I was cleaning my house (gasp!) and I look down to see a CHUNK of the nail on my index finger just missing. Yes, a chunk. WHAT? And, of course it's on my left hand so I can't just pretend it didn't happen. That will teach me to clean again! ;) Nail art sort of left the picture after I trimmed my nails down so I moved on to my second love - indie polish!

Enter Coco Allure's Snap Dragon, a super pretty lilac jelly base with tons of neon blue, purple and orange hex and round glitter in varying sizes. I snagged it about 3 weeks ago from Llarowe and I'm so happy I decided to go for it!
The formula is pretty great and easy to work with for the most part. It is a jelly base so you'll have to apply several coats to reach opacity, but it's nothing that isn't easily dealt with. These photos are 3 coats. 
The only really issue I have with this polish is the amount of fishing I ended up doing for the glitter. In the macro/closeup of the bottle, you can see how the glitter has settled at the bottom and that made it difficult to get on my brush. However, I just flipped the bottle upside down for a good five minutes and that seemed to help tremendously. 
Overall, I'm really happy with this polish. This is the only Coco Allure that I own but I don't think I will hesitate to buy more in the future. What do you think of this polish?

Happy Polishing :)