Monday, June 10, 2013

30 Day Flower Challenge - Allium

Awhile back on my Facebook page I shared a 30 Day Flower Nail Art Challenge that was going on every day through May and I was so so excited to partake in it...because flowers are my favorite! But, life got in the way as well as other challenges and suddenly it was June and I had done absolutely ZERO manicures for the challenge. I was so bummed out because I really loved the idea of this challenge. But the lovely ladies that put on the challenge (datyorLOVES and Delight in Nails) decided to extend the challenge (and accompanying inlinkz codes!) for a whole year. 
So, I decided to quite slacking and go for it! I'm going to try and complete the challenge but who knows how long it will take me. 

The first day's flower is the Allium. Me and my inept gardening skills had no idea what this flower was so I of course turned to google.
Alliums are really quite pretty and it provided the opportunity to use too many of my purples together. 
The actual flower seems to be made up of tiny almost star like flowers that create the round shape that you see. Since I don't have the patience or talent to create that many tiny star petals, I just did a bunch of tiny dots all on top of each other in a circle to create the shape and color. I think they look close enough ;) 
Hopefully I can stick with this challenge. I really love the idea of it and I think it will provide great inspiration. 

Be sure to check out the other two ladies that took part in the Challenge in May. 

Happy Polishing! :)