Sunday, November 16, 2014

Live Love Polish - Various Color Club Shades: Swatches, Review, Nail Art & Tutorial

Hello, all! Today I have swatches of a few bright Color Club shades from the polish retailer, Live Love Polish, to share with you all! Now, I know it's fall, BUT, who doesn't love a few bright shades mixed in with the fall ones we've been seeing? Besides, our friends in the southern hemisphere are gearing up for their spring and summer so we can't forget about them! ;)

These 4 shades are a mix of Color Club polishes from previous summer and spring collections and while some of them are shades we've seen before, they're nice staple shades if you don't have them yet! I also put together a nail art look using these shades and did a little video showing my process so read through to the end for that :) 

Macaroon Swoon is a soft, buttery yellow creme polish that makes me oh so happy. I love shades like this and will wear them year round. The formula on this was on the thick side so I had to use thin coats and some patience to get the application right. This is pretty normal for light colored cremes like this though. Shown is 3 thin coats with top coat. 
Revealed is a dusty light rose pink shimmer creme. The shimmer is visible in the bottle but gets almost completely lost on the nail. Regardless, this is a very elegant and pretty polish. The formula was similar to Macaroon Swoon and needed some careful coats to get the application right, but still very manageable. Shown is 3 coats with top coat. 
One thing to note, on the LLP website, the stock photo for this polish shows it as an orange polish so don't be alarmed if you head over there to grab this polish and you see an orange bottle shot. 
Twiggie is a bright spring green (similar to China Glaze's Shore Enuff, but lighter) creme. The formula on this one was much better than the first two polishes shown, though it was still thick. Shown is just 2 coats with top coat. 
Poker Face is anther one of my favorites from these polishes! I love how vibrant and bold this true red creme is. I think reds like this can transition well between all the seasons and I'm excited to have this for the coming cold winter months. The formula on this was quite nice, much thinner and smoother application than the others. Shown is 3 thin coats with top coat. 
As promised, here is some nail art to accompany these shades! Since it's Fall here in the states, I've had the changing seasons on my mind lately. I love seeing the leaves change color but unfortunately we don't get to experience much of that here in southern California. But, I thought I would paint some leaves on my nails instead. 
Overall, these are some nice polishes, albeit, they aren't as unique as some others I've seen. Despite that, I still really like them! You can purchase all of these and many more Color Clubs directly from the Live Love Polish website now for $8.50/bottle. 

Be sure to follow Live Love Polish on Instagram to stay up to date with all the latest stocked items and promotions! :) 

What do you think of these? Any favorites? How do you like the nail art? 

Happy Polishing :)