Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Digital Dozen does Floral - Day 2: Pinterest Wallpaper Floral Nail Art

Hello all! Day 2 of the Digital Dozen does Floral week is upon us, and I've done a simple wallpaper inspired by one I spotted on Pinterest for the day! This is another mani that I had done before hand and I'm still unsure about my feelings toward it. I'll let you decide!
I was inspired by this wallpaper that appears to have originated from an Etsy store, but sadly, looks like the item is no longer available so I'm not sure who the proper credit belongs to!
The teal base is Bonita's Dali's Memory and while it had a weird formula, I'm really loving the shade! It was perfect to duplicate the original print.
With acrylic paints, I painted the outlines of each leaf and then filled in the veins on each with my medium detail brush. I used more acrylic paints and a medium dotting tool to create the flower petals randomly on top of the leaves, and finished off each flower with a contrasting center dot.
As I've been mentioning, I'm really enjoying filming my nail art looks, so here's a super quick (Instagram length) video of how I did this:
I do like the look of this mani, but I'm feeling like I'm not being as creative or out there as I could be with this theme. Hopefully some major creativity will strike in the next 12-24 hours ;)
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Happy Polishing :)