Sunday, September 14, 2014

31 Day Challenge 2.0, Day 4 - Primary or Secondary: Roses (again)

Nothing to Disclose

Oh man, guess who is supa dupa late with their 31 Day Challenge mani!? This gal! I'm so behind on so many manis right now, it's a bit absurd. But, seeing as tomorrow is day 5 of 31DC2, I figured I better get Day 4 out of the way.

The theme for Day 4 is Primary or Secondary and since I recently did a primary colored mani, I thought I would try and tackle the secondary colors for today. For those who don't know, primary colors are red, yellow and blue and secondary colors are orange, green and purple (since primary colors combined create these secondary colors).

Meghan and Kelli have been teasing me that I'm going to do a majority of floral prints for this challenge and so far they are right...but hey! I love my floral prints and really enjoy painting them. I like to think I keep them interesting, but feel free to tell me to do something else ;)

The base for this mani is Zoya's Neely and I've used acrylic paints for the oranges and bright greens. The purple is one of my favorite Zoya's, Malia. After the base was dry, I painted the orange flowers from the inside out. I added the smaller orange and purple flowers after, then included the bright green leaves. The white dots at the center to define each flower a bit more, I think.

I'm enjoying how bright and vibrant these are. While I am so glad that fall is just around the corner, I'm going to have a hard time letting go of those bright shades we saw all spring and summer. What do you think of these? Hopefully you're enjoying our posts and come back tomorrow to see what black and white looks we've all come up with!

Happy Polishing :)