Thursday, September 4, 2014

31 Day Challenge 2.0, Day 2 - Yellow: Vintage Flowers

Nothing to Disclose

Hello, all! I'm loving that it's already Thursday! The week is almost over and the second day of the 31 Day Challenge 2.0 is upon us! Day two's theme gave the option of Yellow or Green and while I love my greens, I also think yellow is an under loved shade. In fact, one of my favorite manis ever was a yellow one!

I found inspiration from this silk screen print and love that it has my kind of vintage-y and unique taste. I was also really drawn to the combination of the yellow and nude shades together. Yellow can be so harsh on it's own and I really think the nude polish helps to mellow it out a bit.

I used a base of OPI's Don't Pretzel my Buttons and used my trimmed down detail brush and American acrylic paint in Pineapple. I was worried that the yellow wouldn't pop enough over such a neutral base, but I think they turned out alright!

I'm pretty proud of myself for getting my day 2 done on time! As I'm sure you noticed, my day 1 look was posted late because I suck at getting stuff done on time ;) it's going to be a challenge to keep the schedule for this! Be sure to check out what Kelli and Meghan are doing for today via the inlinkz below! You can also check out past challenge manis here!

Happy Polishing! :)