Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Digital Dozen does Metal - Day 3: VW Beetle

Eek, it's almost the end of Wednesday here, which means it's almost the end of Digital Dozen "Metal" week so I'm frantically writing and editing photos in an attempt to squeak this post in on time! 

I'm still pretty stumped on what to do for metal, but my brain had a random thought yesterday about a project I worked on with my dad as a kid. My dad is a mechanic and when his aunt offered him a (slightly charred) VW Beetle, he took the opportunity to fix it up himself. I spent many an hour watching him fix up this little car. I also spent many an hour helping him polish old metal parts to a satisfying shine. I still remember searching through junk yards and VW enthusiasts yards looking for the perfect little triangle window to fit our car. 

This little red Beetle has been around ever since (oh gosh, maybe 10+ years now?) so I thought it would be fitting to paint this cute little metal car for today! 
The two middle fingers are obviously (hopefully!) the front of the VW Beetle and the index and pinky fingers are my abstract take on those front triangle windows I mentioned. 
I used OPI's MBSW for the white base and Zoya's Black Swan for the rest of the nails. The red and black details of the bug are acrylic paint, but the fancy silver is Zoya's Trixie. I finished it off with a matte top coat to make it a little easier to see the details (and because I love matte finishes!). 
Anyone out there have any memories of working with their parents on projects? I love that I have those memories. Be sure to check out the inlinkz below to see the other work from the ladies today! 

Happy Polishing :)