Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Beauty Buffs - Yellow Trend - Nail Art

Hello, everyone! The Beauty Buffs are back with another set of nail, fashion and beauty looks and this week's trend is Yellow! Personally, I love yellow. I know it's a tough color to wear and it often clashes with skin tones, but ugh, it's just so lovely and bright and cheery :) 

I wanted to create a look the encapsulated the bright cheeriness that the color evokes for me, while also creating something that was somewhat fashion forward and chic. I was browsing the web yet again for inspiration, and came across this grouping of yellow outfits for spring/summer. I of course fell in love with the outfit sporting the yellow and black (you guessed it!) flowers! The second look from the right in the inspiration photo spurred this mani forward and I think I like how it turned out. 
I quite like yellow and black together. It feels very timeless and chic to me and I think it's a color combo that can easily be dressed up or down - versatility in a color palette is always nice. It's very easy though for black and yellow to turn "bumblebee" and while I was actually really tempted to add stripes to the half-moon portion of this look, I restrained myself ;) I think the key to wearing yellow polish is to keep it simple and sweet! 
The yellow in this mani is one of my favorites, Zoya's Pippa. The formula is flawless and the color is phenomenal. I used 3 coats to reach opacity but it's an easy 3 and it actually dries beautifully without a top coat. The black roses and half-moons are done with Americana Lamp Black acrylic paint and a fine detailing brush. 
This is a pretty simple look for me but I think it works. I think anymore rose nails would have felt too overwhelming with this color so the simplicity of the half-moon nails balances the business of the rose nails. I quite like them! So much so that I actually painted both hands...though, my right hand looks a bit wonky ;) 
What do you think of this look? Are you able to wear yellow polish? I know it's a tough color but don't let it be your enemy! Be sure to check out the other looks from the ladies in the Beauty Buffs by clicking the inlinkz below :)
Happy Polishing! :)