Sunday, April 20, 2014

NAGG - Day 4: Monochrome Floral and Lace Nail Art

Hello, all! Hope you had a great weekend - mine was good until I got sick :( I'm really struggling with it right now and it took me about 5 hours to get this mani and post together because I kept needing breaks. Really hoping I feel better soon, but I'm not going to hold my breath. 

Despite the plague I've acquired, I really wanted to get back on track for the NAGG challenge since I wasn't able to get my post up last Thursday. In a perfect world, I'll post again tomorrow with the next challenge theme, but we'll see what happens! I also have my final Digital Dozen look to get out so I may be playing catchup for awhile ;) 

Anyway, day four of the Nail-Art-a-Go-Go challenge is Monochrome! 

So while I love my internet inspiration, I subscribe to a lot of catalogues because I love to be able to rip a page out of a magazine and hang onto a print or pattern that really inspired me. I binder specifically for my nail art inspirations and ideas, and I have an entire tab in it where I save clippings that I love. In the age of Pinterest, this may be a bit old school, but I love it. I also use the binder to sketch out how I think the mani is going to be done, just so I don't get flustered when it comes time to put paint to nail.
My binder with my pre-mani sketch and inspiration
Tonight's mani is the result of one such clipping from the Sundance Catalogue - one of my favorites ever! I was flipping through the clippings I had saved and low and behold, there was a monochrome floral dress that was just begging to be interpreted for nail art ;) 
The base polish for this look is Zoya's Josie, an absolutely perfect kelly green that is not too overwhelming and has a flawless formula. Since I'm still in love with all the new acrylic paints I purchased on Saturday, I ended up using Americana Acrylic paint in Foliage Green for all the detail work.  
I really love how these turned out. They're intricate which is fun for me, but because they're monochrome, they're not too over powering and in your face like some designs I've done. I also like that I chose to the lace and the floral together to break up the mani a bit. Sometimes the repetition of the same look on all my nails can get old to me, so it's a nice change. I sort of forget that I can do skittle manis! I really need to remember and do them more often because I always love them when I do. 
Be sure to head over to The Nail Art Show to see Mireia's awesome look for Day 4! What do you guys think of this look? Do you like the mix of lace and floral? How do you find your inspiration? 
 Happy Polishing :)