Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Simple Nautical Stripes

Hello, all! I'm so glad that it's Wednesday (night)! I feel like the past 3 days have been as long as an entire week and I can't wait for Saturday to get here. I don't have a very exciting post for you tonight, but I figured I'd share it anyway. This will be short and sweet :) 

Several months ago I ordered the two of the Zoya NYFM boxes that included 3 special colors that are created by designers. I stole away with the Peter Som Spring/Summer 2014 collection, as well as the Zang Toi Ballet Babe Spring/Summer 2014 box. I got them and then promptly forgot that I had them. I have been using the boxes as hand rests for when I take my photos and was literally touching the boxes with polishes still INSIDE them for months. I was taking advantage of the Zoya 3 Free Promo yesterday and realized that I still had 6 unused/unopened polishes from them and suddenly it was like I had brand new nail mail! It was all very exciting and it made my day haha 

Anyway, my point is that tonight's polish is Zoya's Edie from the Peter Som collection!
I said I was going to be short and sweet, didn't I? ;) I'm almost done! I painted a base of Edie and then used a new off-white acrylic paint I grabbed at Michael's recently to paint the stripes (I also got some new detail brushes so I'll let you all know how I like them!). I really enjoy nautical color combos and definitely want to do something like this again but with a white and tan/light brown polish. I was feeling too lazy and tired to deal with tape placement so I freehanded these...which you can kind of tell along the edges, but hey! They could definitely be worse!

While this is a very simple look, I like that. I really enjoy how horizontal stripes look on nails and I always end up staring at my hands all day when I wear stuff like this. 
Happy Polishing :)