Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ugh, commenting system changes...

So, commenting systems on the blogger platform are terrible. I do not understand what the folks over at blogger are thinking when it comes to the in-house commenting system. Unless you want to receive an email for EVERY comment made on a post, there is not way to be informed that I (or another reader) have responded to your comment. 

Because of this, I made the switch many months ago to the Disqus platform in hopes of creating more dialogue with my readers and so you all know that I do in fact read and (usually) respond to your comments. But, and this is a big but, I constantly hear problems from other bloggers and readers about how they can't comment on my blog because I have Disqus. It's frustrating and I definitely don't want to alienate any of my current or potential readers. 

So, after much consideration and internal debate, I've decided to try out Intense Debate's commenting system. Now, making this switch comes with it's own set of issues. They do not currently have a method for importing old comments, which sucks. Majorly. Basically, any comment that you or I have made in the past year will not show. Blogger still has them stored in their system, but ID overrides their system. Hopefully when Intense Debate get's their blogger import figured out I'll be able to bring those back.

But, despite these problems, I do think that Intense Debate is the way to go for my commenting system. They have a really cool option called commentluv that allows you to input your blog/website so other can easily find your site. It's easy for non-intense debate users to comment and your computer will save your info for you. I'm hoping on the whole this will be a better system. 

Bear with my for any hiccups that may occur because of the switch and I apologize in advance for switching things up on you all so much.