Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Majolica inspired flowers

Oh, hey! Did you guys know I like painting flowers? You didn't?? Huh, I would've thought you'd know by now ;)

I'm going to call tonight's flowers Spanish inspired. There are some really beautiful painted plates, bowls and tiles that have vibrant colors and clean, yet detailed designs. My parent's have quite a few platters and serving bowls in this style and I have always loved them. This is the style I am referring to...and if I am way off on the name of the style, please let me know! :)

Edit to add: I just found out this style is called Majolica!

Regardless of the name, this style of painting inspired tonight's look. The base color is yet again OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls, with six other colors creating the flowers (let me know if you're curious about one of the colors). 

What do you think of these? They feel very summery to me and I'm loving them!

Happy Polishing ;)