Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Water Color Nails Tutorial!

I quickly threw together a tutorial on the water color nails method in case anyone was curious how I did them. This technique is great to add some texture or marbled effects with minimal effort and time. Below is the general idea of what we will be creating! 

To create this look, you'll need at least two polishes (I use 3 per nail in this look) and squares of cut up sandwich bags.

1. To begin, paint your nails a base color. I chose white, but you can use anything you'd like. Wait for it to dry completely. 
2. Add large drops of polish to your finger. You will want to use your base color as one of the colors, and as many others as you'd like, though be conscious of the fact that adding too many might muddle the water color marbled effect.
3. Using a cut piece of sandwich bag, place the plastic over your entire nail and push down. This will smear/blend the polish together. You can choose to use crumpled up saran wrap to dab the wet polish during this step to create a slightly different texture. Play around with what you like!
4. Remove the plastic and repeat step 3 if you don't like the look you've created. 
5. Using q-tips and acetone, clean up around your nail and add your favorite top coat. 

And that's it! It's really quick and you have so much freedom with colors, patterns, textures, you name it. You will create a truly unique design each time. 

Happy Polishing! :)