Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Nail Art Challenge - Ombré

I am finally back home with all of my lovely nail polish babies and let me tell you, they missed me! And I suppose I missed them a bit as well ;)

The current April Nail Art Challenge Theme is Ombré. There is some debate as to the difference between ombré and gradient. When I started getting into nail art, I found this post from The Swatchaholic and it has become my guide to naming these techniques. It explains the difference between a gradient, an ombré, and a skittle mani. This is the naming convention I follow, so bear with me if you think of an ombré as what I think of as a gradient. 

Anyhow, I wanted to spice up the basic ombré a bit and ended up doing a doticure with each of my ombré colors. I didn't think I was going to want to leave these on (I even had my next mani planned out and was going to start on it tonight!), but I ended up loving much so that I even painted my dominant hand. 

I used Lime Crime's Milky Way's as my base for this one because I really love creme with blue together. Let me know if you're curious about any of the blues :)
 Happy Polishing! :)