Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls

My Boyfriend Scales Walls is a color I would in fact scale walls for. It's from OPI's Spiderman collection and I've been lusting after it for awhile because it's the perfect off-white that has a touch of grey in it. Just stunning. Here's a quick swatch of it! :)

I had to use 3 coats to get the opaqueness I wanted and there was a little bit of an issue with streaking, but those were both easily managed. I find the longer I wait between each coat the better but for this mani, inspiration struck at about 12:30 naturally I rushed through each top coat...only to have o take more time to fix some goopiness. I need to remember to take my time and do it right the first time. 

Anywho, I ended up paring this lovely color with Sephora by OPI's Caught With My Khakis Down, which, lets face it, I would have bought for the name alone. The fact that it's a beautiful green (my favorite!) only adds to this polish. Here's the look. I used a striping brush 

And! I do have a right hand! I was really tired so I decided to change things up for my dominant hand. This took me all of 5 minutes so I was in bed soon after! :)

Happy Polishing :)