Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Nail Art Challenge!

Inspiration can be hard to come by which is why I really love when people come up with awesome nail art challenges that force you to be creative in a way you might not otherwise be. This month, Californails on Instagram put together another nail art challenge that I've decided to partake in as much as possible :) 

This challenge is nice because it's not EVERY day. Every day is so exhausting! 

For the first challenge, I did a slight alteration of the Ombre look and added some glitter. Purple is one of my favorite colors on my nails and my growing collection finally has enough purples to do an ombre with :) I didn't take very many pictures of this mani, but I'll share the ones I've got!

I started off with just the simple ombre color design, but it still felt too plain for me so I added a stamp to my thumb. 

Super simple look that's still fun!

Happy Polishing :)