Saturday, January 5, 2013

30 Day Personal Challenge - Day 1 Your Current Relationship

Alright! Day 1! Your Current Relationship

Where to begin??! I've been with my boyfriend, Bryce, for 7 years and as I was recently told by someone, our relationship is a 2nd grader! At 22, I've been with him for a third of my life...sounds a bit ridiculous, maybe, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I can't believe that 7 years has gone by already! As with any couple we've had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I still like AND love that crazy/silly/awkward boy who can always make me laugh and is without a doubt my best friend in the entire world.

The two of us are actually high school sweethearts, which always seems to freak people out because finding the love of your life when you're 15 years old doesn't happen very often. Somehow the awkward friendship/attraction that began in study hall my freshman year led to an awkward first date a year later where we saw Zorro 2 (and yes, it was Zorrible...). Somehow that led to our one, two, five, seven year anniversary. Somehow we made it through all the madness, heartache, jealously, and loneliness that goes with leaving for college, getting new jobs, meeting new people and feeling left out. Somehow we figured out how to grow as a couple, but also as individuals (so important!!). Somehow I've learned to deal with his messiness and eating noises and he with my craziness and nagging (I am a girlfriend after all). Somehow we've made it work. Because we wanted to make it work and because somehow we just always sort of knew we were supposed to be together. 

Circa 2006
Alright, enough cheesy, corny, sappiness! Bryce and I currently live together (in a house with a yard and multiple bedrooms/bathrooms! Yee!) with our super awesome and adorable dog, Fonzi. He's our baby and a close second for the love of my life. We adopted Fonzi 2-ish years ago and successfully converted him to a spoiled rotten baby instead of the scared and jumpy dog we first brought home. 
Photo credit to Kristie at Krisitie's Fotos
A brief progression of us through the years and then I'll stop rambling about us. If you've read this far, you're a trooper! :)

Junior Year, 2007
Yosemite Camping, 2008
Prom, 2008
Disneyland date, 2010
My Graduation, 2012

And that's it! Just two awkward kids who found each other and still like each other! :) 

Happy Polishing :)