Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bonita Colors - You Mint a Lot to Me Summer 2014: Swatches, Review & Contest (by Bonita)

Hello, all! I've got another review to share with you today, this time from Bonita Colors! Bonita is a newish brand that is sold in most Rite Aid stores and so far I've been seriously impressed by the brands quality, especially considering the small price tag on these beauties (these are each $1.99!). As an added plus, they are big 3 free!

This summer they've come out with a 6 polish set called "You Mint a lot to Me" and they are generously putting on an Instagram contest that allows their followers to win this collection every Friday in August and September - pretty awesome! Read through to the bottom to find out how you can enter for your chance as well :) 

This Beach is Bombay
A bright azure blue, This Beach is Bombay is a vibrant and summery creme. I love my blues so much and this is a great staple shade in my opinion. The formula was really great, especially considering the fact that this is a drugstore brand! Shown is 3 coats, though I could have gotten away with 2 and the application was super smooth with no issues of leveling. 
Good Lookin' Out
P.U.! This is a pungent polish! Which, I've come to find is relatively normal for this particular shade of violet. This color is likely a nod to the Pantone color of the year (radiant orchid) and I'm okay with it. I love these vibrant purples quite a bit. The formula for this one was a bit on the watery side, but I still managed to reach an opaque and smooth finish in just 3 coats. 
You Mint a lot to Me
The namesake of this collection, YMaltM is stunning turquoise creme which one of the best formulas I've encountered for a teal this vibrant. It was almost opaque with just one coat, though I've shown it with 2. I'm just so pleasantly surprised by how nicely this one applied. Definitely a keeper. 
A seriously bright yellow, Banana-Ana is an aptly named creme. The formula left something to be desired, however. It was very streaky and I needed 4 thin coats to finally hide the irregularities in the color. Despite the formula issues, it's quite the yellow. If you're in the market for the brightest yellow ever, this might be a good option. 
Flaming Juan
This whole collection has a bit of neon undertones, but Flaming Juan is the standout neon to me. It is so BRIGHT! A neon orange is a quintessential "summer" color to me and this fits that roll nicely. This has a nice enough formula and shown is 3 coats. It dries to a matte satin finish that just looks squishy and lovely, but I've shown it with a top coat. 
Tag, You're It
A bright, almost rosy, pink creme, Tag, You're It is a nice staple pink shade. It doesn't personally do much for me since I don't love pinks that much, but it's still a nice color and the formula was spot on. Shown is 3 coats and this self-leveled (always a plus!). 
Overall, I am once again thoroughly impressed by this brands quality for the price. The formulas were all pretty great (just a few with issues) and the colors are bright and cheery for summer. While these aren't exactly ground breaking colors, they are quite lovely in my opinion and for the price, they are a great option for filling out a collection. 

For your chance to win this collection every Friday from Bonita, follow the contest rules below and take your shot! 
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1) Write “You mint a lot to me because (YOUR REASON-fill in the blank)”on a piece of paper.

2) Take a cute photo of you holding that piece of paper.
3) Tag the person that “mint a lot to you” (up to 2 people) on Instagram. Please use white background paper. Don't forget to tag @bonitacolors and #YouMintALotToMe

1) Bonita will randomly pick ONE WINNER EVERY FRIDAY from August to September. Both the winner and their tagged friends will win the prize which is our whole “you mint a lot to me” collection that just launched in Rite Aid.. (ALL six colors)!!

Rules: must be following Bonita on IG; IG account must be public; Must mention @bonitacolors; Must tag #YouMintALotToMe; Contest is only for two months; Open to all fans (for international fans, we can only ship prizes to one address); Winners have 24 hours to claim prize; winner can only be selected to win once; Prizes will be shipped out at the beginning of each week.
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Happy polishing! :)