Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Delush Knights of Thrones - Swatches

press sample 

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I can't believe we are already into the last Wednesday of January!? Where did the time go?

Today I have swatches of the Delush Polish Knights of Thrones collection to share with you all! This was actually Adrianna's Fall collection, but when I received it, I was dead in the middle of all my wedding planning chaos and wasn't able to share until now...but with these pretty polishes, better late than never!

For those who don't know, all Delush polishes are 5-Free, Vegan, and Cruelty Free, and the founder, Adrianna, always draws her inspiration from fantastic sources and comes of which such clever names. I'm always excited to see what she's dreamed up each season. This collection is her second Game of Thrones inspired set, but unlike her previous Dames of Thrones collection, this time she's giving the Knights of Westeros their time in the spotlight.

Master of Wine is a magenta to teal shifting shimmer with a nice formula. This one will leave brushstrokes in the finished polish, but it's very easy to work with and thicker coats can help to minimize this. Here I've used 3 coats.

Poisoned Wine is a red wine polish with some gold shimmer undertones. It is incredibly rich looking...just like a nice glass of wine! 2 coats for these photos.

Gentle Lion is a dark mauve crelly with magenta and copper flakes mixed in to create an elegant finish. Smooth application and I needed 3 coats.

Warden of Darkness is a grey-black holo and would be a great addition to any collection lacking a black holo. Easy and smooth formula and only 2 coats needed.

King of the Watch is a lapis blue jelly with tiny holo flecks and micro holo shimmer. The effect is that of a mini galaxy on your nails. 2 coats!

Clash of the Seas is an indigo crelly with green circle glitter packed in. This is definitely reminiscent of the sea! Easy formula if a bit thick and here is 2 coats.

Kingslayer is a moss green crelly with gold and copper circle, hex, and micro glitters. When I think of Delush polishes, the use of these glitter sizes and shapes is definitely in line with the classic Delush aesthetic. Lovely mix! Here is 3 coats.

Lord of Envy is a STUNNING deep emeral green with green and copper micro flecks that give it an intriguing sparkle finish. 2 smooth coats.

The Knights of Thrones collection is available now, and be sure to check out the rest of the collections (new and old) on Delush Polish's website! You'll also appreciate the great pricetag on these - $9.75/bottle.

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What do you think of these shades? Any draw your eye? Happy Polishing :)