Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wet N Wild, 1-Step Wonder Gel: Swatches & Review

press sample 

Hey, all! I have a beyond EPIC post to share today! I think this is the most swatches I've ever done of a brand and I'm pretty excited to share with you all! I have the entire Wet n' Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel line swatched and I have to say, I am pretty smitten with these polishes.

The idea behind this line of shades is that you don't need anything but the bottle of polish you're using to complete your manicure. So no base or top coat required. While they're calling them a "gel", it isn't a true gel and doesn't require a light to cure it. So how does it stand up? I'll share my swatches and then let you know my thoughts at the end.

Since they're all very similar in application, I've just mentioned the shade description and how many coats I used in the photos. True to how the polish is meant to be worn, I'm showing these without base or top coat.

Flying Colors - White, 3 coats.

It's Sher-Bert Day! - Berry pink, 2 coats.

Crime of Passion - Cherry red jelly, 2 coats.

Coral Support - Coral creme, 3 coats.

Pardon by Peach - Peach creme, 3 coats.

Wasa-Be With You - Wasabi green creme, 3 coats.

Pretty Peas - Pale teal creme, 3 coats.

Un-teal Next Time - Deep teal, 2 coats. Loved this one but it stained.

Peri-wink-le of an Eye - Pale cornflower blue creme, 2-3 coats.

Air-Apparent - Powder blue creme, 3 coats. Another fave.

Lavender Out Loud - Dark and dusty lavender creme, 2 coats.

Bye Feluschia! - Darkened fuchsia shimmer, 3 coats.

Don't Be Jelly! - Pale pink shimmer, 3 coats.

Pinky Swear - Pale pastel pink (think ballet shoes), 3 coats.

Missy in Pink - Barbie pink creme, 3 coats.

Stay Classy - Dusty mauve creme, 2 coats.

Pale in Comparison - Pale pastel pink shimmer, 3-4 coats.

Left Marooned - Maroon/Burgundy jelly, 2 coats.

Condensed Milk - Coconut flesh creme, 3-4 coats. Another favorite.

All that Jazzy! - Gold shimmer, 2-3 coats.

So overall, I really like these. They all apply nice and I absolutely love the brush that comes with these. I was literally squealing in delight over this brush. It's flat and rounded and is the perfect fit for my nail bed and cuticle shape. LOVE them.

I also had the chance to wear a few of these polishes for several days a few months back when I was out of town. Now, I wore them both with a top coat (to speed up the dry time because I needed to get my butt in bed), as well as without as the polish is "meant" to be worn. I will say, while it's possible and okay without top coat, I would definitely recommend adding one. My manicure lasted much longer with it and I also noticed a pretty big difference in the overall look of the polish on my nail with the top coat vs without (I liked it with top coat more).

On the whole though, I really enjoyed these polishes. The colors and finishes are great. They're priced nicely and the formula and application were easy to work with.

You can purchase any of the 1-Step Wonder Gel polishes now from various drug stores for $4.99/bottle. Check here to see your nearest location. Be sure to follow Wet n' Wild on your favorite social media site as well!

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What do you think of these? Have you tried them before? Have an opinion on their wear time? I'd love to hear!

Happy Polishing :)