Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Digital Dozen does Nail Heroes - Day 2: Sundance Catalogue

nothing to disclose 

Day 2 of Digital Dozen week is here and I'm doing something a little different for today. While there are tons of nail artists who inspire me and are my heroes, one of my heroes is actually an inanimate object ha! When I find myself lacking inspiration, I turn to none other than a catalogue I receive in the mail every few weeks...

...anyone ever heard of Sundance Catalogue? Sundance was created by Robert Redford and features clothing and jewelry created by artisans who have tremendous talent. I own several pieces of jewelry from the site (which I always drool over in the catalogue), but I especially love browsing all the clothing that they feature. The artists do a great job of creating patterns and often pair them unconventionally with other patterns and I just find browsing the pages of their magazine so inspiring. Over the years I have recreated or been inspired by many a pattern I've spotted in this catalogue so today, my hero is this catalogue and all it's contributors!

For today's look, I'm recreating a print and textile combo that is currently up on their website - this floral and lace silk top. I love the combination of the delicate lace with the daily flowers...all over the black background really makes this pop!

I only attempted to recreate the lower portion of this shirt and I think that I like how it turned out? You tell me how it compares (you can find the shirt here!).

I used a base of Zoya's Willa and then (shockingly) used acrylic paints to add the lace and flowers. I even used a watered down white to add the see-through portion of lace along the bottom. And, since I have a problem with mattifying everything, I mattified this, too! I think I need to reorder more matte top coat soon...

Let me know how you like these! Be sure to check out what the other ladies created for today via the inlinkz below!

Happy Polishing :)