Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Glam Polish - Bring It On! Trio: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

press sample 

Hello, all! It's that time of the month again - Glam Polish swatch time! :D This month, Glam is releasing a stunning trio called Bring It On!, a set of ultra holo shades filled to the brim with micro-glitter. I'm loving that these aren't overtly spring/summer shades and that they're overall unique looking hues. Let's dive in, shall we? :)

I Know You Want Me is a champagne holo micro-glitter with the similar fantastic ultra-holo glitters that we saw in the Cast a Spell collection...and yes, I do want it! Even though it's a classic champagne shade, this manages to still feel fresh to me and makes me super happy to have on. The application was a breeze and shown is 3 thin and easy coats (though 2 was probably fine!). It does dry with a super fine grit so shown is with top coat.

I love the look of champagne shades with blues so I did some random leaves over the top of this...but in the end, I think these almost look more oceany? Maybe more coral-esque than leafy? Or...is coral the leaf of the ocean!?? #mindblown

Yeah 3x is lemony chartreuse holo micro-glitter in an ultra holo glitter base. I love colors like this - funky and unique, but still pretty and subtle. The formula was easy to work with and shown is 3 easy coats.

Now, I contemplated a lot about whether or not to share this nail fail with you guys. I had the pineapple concept in mind, but it just didn't execute as well as I'd hoped. I figured I'd share it anyway even if it's a bit embarrassing ;)

Hey Ya! is a coppery rose holo micro-glitter in an ultra holo glitter base that is super sparkly. In the bottle it looks very coppery but on the nail it looks more pink/rose. Shown is 3 easy coats, though I probably could have gotten away with 2.

Overall, I'm once again loving what Glam has done with this collection. They are similar in finish to previous collections, but the colors are great and a bit more neutral (which is kind of surprising actually for a collection called Bring It On!) so they feel very wearable. If you're a holographic micro-glitter lover, then you won't want to pass these up.

You can purchase these polishes (and many more!) directly from the Glam website (www.glampolish.com.au) starting May 6th at 6pm EDT with shipping available to the US ($3.50 USD for the first polish and an extra $1 for each additional polish).

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So, how do you like these? Any of them calling your name??