Monday, December 8, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty - Swatches, Review & Wintery Nail Art

Press Sample - Products provided for an honest review

Hello, all! I've got a selection of polishes from Trust Fund Beauty to share with you today! Trust Fund is a relatively new to me brand (I've been following their Instagram for tongue and cheek humor and pretty polish photos for awhile now), but I'm really liking their products. For those who don't know the brand, they are all about women being able to add a little bit of glamour, sophistication and sass to their look. While their polish names may be a bit in your face, I find them refreshing and humorous. They are also non-toxic and cruelty free so it's safe to say that I'm totally smitten with this company! 

Gossip Mag is a vibrant red creme, a perfect polish to grab when you need a quick power mani. While I don't often wear red polishes, I love how transformative a good red can be for your mood and way of thinking (nothing says confidence quite like a red manicure). While there are plenty of red cremes on the market, I can't help but love this one for it's great formula. Shown is 2 easy coats.  
I Had it First is a super sheer, soft nude pink that I absolutely love. This is a wonderful palette cleanser and feels so elegant and classy on my fingers. Most sheers of this shade tend to be tricky to work with, but I've used this polish twice now as a base for nail art and it's quite easy to work with. While you'll need 3-4 coats to reach opacity, this one is fairly thin (though not runny) and allows for each build-able coverage. Shown is 3-4 thin coats. 
Bitch, Please is a metallic lilac-y pink polish that I loved a whole lot more than I thought I would. I really don't go for metallic finishes very often, but I haven't seen anything quite like this floating around the polish world. The application was pretty standard for a metallic, though there were hardly any brush strokes visible which I always appreciate. Shown is 2 coats. 
Finally, we have Not Fair, Don't Care, an iridescent duo-chrome flakie topper that shifts prettily from deep eggplant purple to a more subtle copper shade. This was another one I wasn't sure about but ended up loving. This topper creates a stunning finish over another polish, and while light colors might work, pairing this with a dark polish will really make this polish stand out. Shown is 2 thin coats over a black creme polish. 
This one was slightly tricky to capture the color shift, but below you can see how the polish is less purple and more copper with the light shift. 
Finally, because it's my favorite time of year, I figured I'd do a wintery pattern using these shades (which will work year round but also happen to be stunning Christmas/winter shades together!). I did add in a few lavender accents into this to help pull all the colors together. 
Overall, I really like these polishes. This is my first time using this brand and I really enjoy the tongue and cheek advertising as well as the fantastic bottles and polish formulas. Which one is your favorite? 

The polishes and more are available now from the Trust Fund Beauty website for $15/bottle and they also have some fun monthly subscription boxes to check out as well. Be sure to follow Trust Fund Beauty on your favorite social media site to stay up to date with their latest promotions and releases! 

Happy Polishing! :)