Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ellagee - Doctor Who Collection: Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Hello, all! I've got part of a really great Doctor Who themed collection to share with you tonight! Laura of the indie brand Ellagee has come up with an entire collection inspired by the Doctor...the collection is aptly named "A Good Man" and I just love what she put together.

What's with the glasses
I was pleasantly surprised by this one! My initial reaction to the white crelly base and relatively small amount of glitter used (compared to other crelly glitters I've used) had me thinking this would be a pain to apply. But holy cow! This is 2 coats and zero fishing for glitter! If I hadn't painted my nails myself I'd never believe it! ;) I like how different this polish is. I don't think I've seen a white crelly base before this and it's so refreshing!

Sexy Old Girl
Ah, Sexy Old Girl! One of the TARDIS' affectionate nicknames! This is a bright blue jelly packed with small blue hex and micro holo glitters. I thought it was pretty in the bottle, but I love it even more on the nail. The jelly base really helps create a lot of depth and it's definitely swoon worthy. I used just 2 coats and in some lighting you can still see the free edge of my nail, but this could easily be remedied with another coat. This one does look like it has potential to stain so I threw a base coat on underneath just in case and had no issues.

Void Stuff
Void Stuff is an emerald green jelly packed with tons of green micro glitter. The application was a breeze - shown is just 2 coats. I think this fits great with the Doctor Who theme, but I can also see this transitioning wonderfully into the fall and winter months as it's such a deep shade.

Don't You Dare Blink
This is a gunmetal grey, silver and purple-y micro glitter texture and I think I'm in love! Aside from cremes, I have to say that a great texture polish is the way to my heart. The formula on this one was on the thicker side, but that's pretty normal with textured polishes. This is about a two coater but a few nails I used 3 to level things out. Shown is without top coat to maintain the textured finish.

Another fun selling point of buying 4 or more polishes from this collection is that you'll get your very own TARIS necklace! So fun :)

Laura was kind enough to send me one of her latest stunning textured polishes so I thought I'd include that with this as well. Here's WHAM!
Seriously, WHAM is an understatement! I am blown away by this polish. I don't know how I lived without it in my life. It's an amazing champagne holo TEXTURE and I just. can't. even. It's amazing. The formula was similar to Don't You Dare Blink in that it was on the thicker side, but it's still very manageable. Shown is just 2 coats (though you could probably do just 1 if you try) and I can already tell this is will become one of my go to polishes when I'm not sure what I want to do for the day. This is a standalone polish not apart of the Doctor Who collection but definitely note worthy!

Overall, I really liked these polishes from the collection. They formula on all of them was good to great and the colors were for the most part uniquely stunning. I think my favorites are Old Sexy Girl and Don't You Dare Blink...and of course WHAM! ;)

You can currently preorder this collection (ships Friday, 7/25) from Ellagee with each bottle ranging from $9.50-$12.50/bottle. Be sure to follow Ellagee on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest collections and promotions!

Happy Polishing :)