Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bright Wallpaper inspired Triangles

Happy Saturday! I had a crazy crazy work week...I was there from 7:30am to 11:30pm on Wednesday night and I've spent the last few days recovering a bit from all that. Despite still feeling tired, I've been craving nail art the past few days so I'm glad I actually sat down and went for it today. 

As you know, I love doing art inspired by patterns and prints I find online. Recently I came across this fantastic site, Sian Elin, that creates a slew of items from pillows to wallpaper to textiles and I'm finding myself obsessed with the bold patterns. With all the textiles I'm falling in love with lately, I'm going to need a giant house to accommodate them all ;) I've had this pattern saved on my phone for about a month and every time I scrolled by it I was just dying to give it a go in nail art form. 

Lately, I've found myself over at Michael's Craft store a lot, just browsing for anything that catches my eye. I wound up in the craft acrylic paints section and realized that the black acrylic that I use all the time was available in a giant 8oz. bottle...for $3! I've had the 2oz bottle for about 6 months and have yet to make a dent in it, but I decided to pick up a big bottle of black and white. And about 20 other bottles of 2oz craft acrylic paint. Oops! They were only $1.29/bottle and I know they won't run out for a long time. I see it as filling out my collection a bit. Don't hate me for being an acrylic paint lover ;) 
So, to create this look, I used 5 of my new acrylic paints. I started with a base of OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls, just to provide a better bond between my nails and the acrylic paint. Then I went in with the five different colors and my trimmed down detail brush and painted the triangles. When I was done with that, I outlined each triangle with the white acrylic and added a top coat. The original wallpaper has details in some of the triangles, but I really liked how these looked with just solid triangles, so I let it be. 
I also get a lot of questions about what the brushes I use look like so I though I would try and take a picture of the brush I use for each mani just so you can all get an idea of the products. Let me know if that would be helpful to you :) 
Tomorrow is the boyfriend's birthday so I think these are fun and festive nails for that day. He always likes when I wear bright colors so hopefully he enjoys them as much as I do!  
 Happy Polishing :)