Saturday, December 7, 2013

Landlia Polish - Swatches & Review

Hello, all! I'm sorry I've been lacking in posting. I've been...I'm not even sure what. Trying to find my sanity, perhaps? ;) But! Tonight I've got a great little indie brand to share with you all! 

Landlia Polish was created by the husband/wife duo, Shannon and Dustin, in an effort to create colors and finishes that weren't being produced by the big name brands...and I'm so jealous of this! I think we all know this frustration of not being able to find that perfect color and wish we could just make it ourselves. Thank goodness for indie makers like Landlia who help lazy bums like me fill out my collection with beautiful polishes. Shannon has been swatching on her Instagram @shan3270 for over a year so she knows what does and doesn't work when it comes to polishes...and she has some awesome nail art to boot :)

Christmas Tree
This was one of my favorites of the polishes I was sent. Christmas Tree is a green jelly with green hex, square, bar and micro glitters and has some large multi-colored round glitters mixed in as "ornaments" I'm assuming. I think this is such a fun polish for this time of year. The application was a breeze and easy to apply. The green jelly base of this polish is very sheer so I would definitely recommend using this over another polish, though I'm sure with enough patience you can build up the opacity and wear it on its own.

I decided to have some fun with this one so I did a green gradient as my base and put a coat of Christmas Tree on top of it, and yes, instant Christmas tree! My only complaint with this one was that I had to really fish the colored round glitter out as they sunk to the bottom.
One coat of Christmas Tree over a green gradient
One coat of Christmas Tree over a green gradient
Snow Angel
Snow Angel is a really pretty "not quite white" white. This is a jelly with iridescent micro glitters, white bar, square and hex glitters and keeping with the wintery theme, a few large snowflake glitters floating around as well. I thought for sure that I was going to have to pair this over a white undie since most white jellies need upwards of 3 coats to reach opacity and require each coat to be dry so you don't end up with a squishy mess. But I ended up trying this on its own and was so pleasantly surprised that I reached opacity in a little over 2 coats (shown is 3 for good measure). I felt like I had snowdrifts on my finger tips and just all around loved how this looked on - though I am a sucker for not quite white polishes. This was the thickest of all the polishes, but still manageable and I liked that I could wear it on it's own. 
Snow Angel by itself - 3 coats
Candy Cane
Candy Cane is a fun red jelly that can be worn on its own or easily paired with an undie of your choice. It has white and red micro, hex and round glitter and is very peppermint-y. The red round glitter required some fishing since they are heavier and sunk to the bottom. I was able to get them out by flipping the polish bottle upside down for a little bit. The first photo is Candy Cane by itself (3 coats) and the second is over a base of Zoya's Livingston. I could see this polish transitioning from Christmas to other seasons easily (Valentines, maybe?). Great formula and easy to apply.
Candy Cane by itself - 3 coats
One coat of Candy Cane over base of Zoya Livingston
Purple Explosion
I believe Purple Explosion is a stand alone polish and not part of the christmas collection. It's a purple jelly with tons of holographic micro glitter and applies with ease. It's something that can be worn on it's own or over a base polish, though be sure to use thin coats if you're going to wear it alone and want it to be opaque. We haven't had any sun here today or I'd take an outdoor shot of these, but even in my indoor setup you can see the sparkle of this polish. It's so pretty :D The first photo is 3 coats by itself and the second is over Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze. 
Purple Explosion by itself - 3 coats
Purple Explosion over RBL Purple Haze
Cuticle Cream
Shannon was also nice enough to include a cuticle cream for me to try! I loved this stuff. It smells wonderful (I think it's vanilla!) and worked great. My hands and cuticles always suffer this time of year so I'm glad I've got this in my arsenal. It's a bit greasy when you first apply it, but if you rub it in you won't notice it soon after. I put this on before bed last night and when I woke up my cuticles were quite soft. I wish I had taken a before an after! The best part though, a cuticle cream like this is included with each order as a freebie :)
Overall, I quite liked these polishes. I think they are great for this time of year and will be an easy way to way add some interest to any mani. I'm already thinking up ways in which I can incorporate them into Christmas nail art! 

You can purchase these from for $7.50/bottle and they offer free shipping within the US (and you get the cuticle cream for free)! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with current polishes and promotions :) 

Happy Polishing :)

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  1. The gradient with Christmas Tree rocks. :D


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