Thursday, December 3, 2015

Themed Thursday - December 3rd: Ornaments

nothing to disclose 

Hi, all! So incredibly excited about this month's Themed Thursday challenge prompts! Kelli and I came up with a special edition Holiday themed challenge this month and we'll be posting on both Thursdays AND Sundays! I can not wait!

Our first prompt is "presents/ornaments" and I ended up going with the latter part of the prompt - so here are my ornament nails!

I'm a huge fan of vintage inspired prints and stylings and it seems like Christmas ornaments always lend themselves nicely to this type of look. I did a similar ornament look last winter and was anxious to try something like them again...but with a slightly different take!  

Instead of doing the pattern like last year, I decided to show the ornaments like you'd see them in real life - hanging from a pine tree branch.

I used a base of Salon Perfect's Ice Cube (I really love this white) and then a mix of a few different acrylic paints for the rest of the mani. I painted the tree branch and needles first, then came in and painted the colored portion of each ornament. I followed up with the black outlines and then finished the look up with the red bows! Of course, I had to mattify this... :D

How do you like this look? Something you might want on your own nails? Let me know what you think and check out the tag #themedthursdaydec to see what everyone else has created for today!

Happy Polishing :)