Friday, November 29, 2013

Laquerlicious - Swatches & Review

Next up in our Black Friday Swatch-a-thon is Laquerlicious! If you've never heard of Laqerlicious and you're a glitter bomb lover, you're missing out. What's more, Michelle of Laquerlicious donates part of her earning to her local Pit Bull rescue. It's really a win-win for us - we get beautiful polishes, and some doggies help find homes. 

I've got the Winter 2013 collection to share, as well as 2 polishes from the New Year's Eve collection. We'll start with the Winter collection.

Winter 2013

All Bundled Up:
This is a deep royal purple packed full of silver and purple micro glitter. There is also a silvery shimmer undertone to this one. I really loved this polish. The glitter was subtle but gorgeous and good for someone who loves dark polishes and is looking for a bit more pizzazz. Shown is 2 coats (though it could have probably been 1!). 
Below Zero:
This is a teal glitter crelly that surprised me. I thought for sure it would not be a build-able color but shown here is 3 coats by itself and I think it looks great. I am positive this would also look really pretty over any teal or purple polish. This was packed full of large teal hex and purple, blue and magenta micro glitter. Be sure to use thin coats when applying polishes like this to avoid squishy clumps of polish at your tips.  
Shoveled Snow:
This is a bright but wintery blue glitter with holo micro glitters and tons of green, teal, red, and blue round and hex glitter. This was definitely more of a frosty looking polish which I'm not usually a fan of, but I did think this was a really fun polish. Shown is 2-3 thin coats. 
Mittens or Gloves:
Mittens or Gloves is a dark magenta with some almost orange-y/red undertones. It has large holographic square glitter with some really unique black micro glitter as well. This was definitely a crelly and needed a few coats to reach opacity. This is 3 coats alone, but you could use a magenta (or any color) undie and reduce that. 

New Years Eve 2014 Collection

Out with the Old:
I was so pleasantly surprised by this polish. It's a clear based glitter polish with silver and charcol holo glitter. There are large circle and star glitters that really say "New Year's Eve!!!! OMG!! YAY!!" to me ;) I just loved this for any sort of celebration. I ended up doing a glitter gradient with it over China Glaze's Liquid Leather and absolutely loved how it looked. I may already have my New Years mani...
Countdown to Midnight:
Countdown to Midnight is a fun glitter topper and another good one for end of the year celebrations. It has a clear base with black, white, teal and magenta round glitter. I've shown is over China Glaze's Recycle, but it's a very versatile topper. Shown is 1-2 coats.

Overall, I really enjoyed all of these polishes. If I had to choose my favorites, I'd say Out with the Old, All Bundled Up, and Shoveled Snow are my picks. Be sure to use several thin coats with polishes like these and keep in mind that some of these might be a bit smelly, but that's the nature of working with some glitter bombs. These are applied relatively easy, though due to the amount of glitter, they can sometimes require a bit more patience to get the application down. 

You can purchase any of these polishes for $8/bottle from or check out each of these collections here and here. You can also follow Laquerlicious on Facebook and Instagram. And hurry! I think there's a pretty fabulous sale going (40% off your order!!) on until Sunday so be sure to check out facebook and instagram for all the info. 

What's your favorite from this collection?

Happy Polishing :) 


  1. Countdown to Midnight and Out with the Old are my favorites...I'm not normally a silver glitter person, either, but Out with the Old may have won me over. ;)

  2. I'm not sure why I've never commented on your stuff before, but I'm in love with Below Zero, I think I'll have to pick it up! :)


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