Friday, August 9, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 9: Rainbow Nails

Friday nights are my absolute favorite. I have been browsing numerous Fall polish collections (and yes, buying them as well) and painting my nails. I've also watched Best In Show, Ella Enchanted and I'm not on Hotel Transylvania - totally random titles but that's the nature of OnDemand. There will likely be at least 2 other movie viewings tonight ;) the boyfriend is out of town so I don't feel too bad about being a lazy bum (that and I'm still recovering from the office plague I caught so that's even more reason to watch movies all night). 

Today is the next theme in Meghan and my 31 Day Nail Art Challenge! I was initially really excited about this day because I've had a rainbow pattern saved on my phone for MONTHS and I knew I wanted to do it for today. However, my execution of said pattern was lacking so I switched gears and went with a super simple (and perhaps often done) striped rainbow look. While I'm sure several people have done something like this, I'm really happy with how these turned out. They're simple in design but visually interesting nonetheless. 

I did this look free handed with a cheap-o brush I purchased off of Amazon that I trimmed down to about 5 hairs. It's crude, but makes doing detail work easier. I started with the red line at the tip and worked my way up, color by color, nail by nail. These lines are definitely a bit wonky but I actually really like that about them. I think it produces a bit of a blurred effect which almost makes the rainbow more of a gradient...if you squint at them ;) 
I used - count em' - 17 polishes for this look. I'll list them from the dark red at the tips, up to the purple near my cuticle. 
Zoya - Pepper
Zoya - Livingston
Zoya - Maura
China Glaze - Desert Sun
Zoya - Arizona
Kleancolor - Neon Orange (terrible formula :( )
American Apparel - Manila 
China Glaze - Kalahari Kiss
Zoya - Pippa
China Glaze - Def Defying
Zoya - Hunter
China Glaze - Exotic Encounters
Zoya - Yummy
Zoya - Breezi
Zoya - Natty
Zoya - Mira
Zoya - Kieko
Whew! So what do you think of these? They make me feel a bit on the happy side ;) 

Happy Polishing! :)