Friday, July 5, 2013

Polish me to go magical tribal print

If you know your indie polishes, you may have heard of the glow in the dark queen, Polish Me To Go. Unfortunately, everyone knows how awesome her polishes are so there is never enough stock to go around. 

Well, a few weeks back I happened to see a post on Instagram about how there would be a PMTG restock in less than an hour...and I knew it was fate! I HAD to have some of the amazing polishes. So, I stalked the website for a good hour refreshing the page until I finally saw the magical "add to cart" button pop up. So what if I ended up buying the entire Pastel Collection. I'm pretty positive it's the best decision I've ever made. 

Cue me giddily getting home and seeing the box and knowing that there was absolutely no way I couldn't not use every single polish in a mani. I am OBSESSED with these polishes! I don't even know how to handle it. They are all so amazing. 

I ended up creating a tribal look because it's an easier way to incorporate a few different colors. I seriously love how they turned out! 

 I fully intend on posting swatches of each polish and providing a proper review because each polish deserves to be shown off. 
 One of my favorite parts of these polishes is that the different colors truly show up when glowing. I love that you can see the difference between the orange, yellow, blue, pink, purple, and white colors. They truly are fabulous polishes. 
Glow in dim lighting
JUST LOOK AT THAT GLOW. DEAD. It's incredible. 
Glow in full dark
What do you think of these? I'm still in Yosemite and am loving having these on my nails at night around the campfire! 

Happy Polishing!! :)