Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cartoony Ocean

Super quick post for you all today! I've got to get some work done around the house but I wanted to get the latest theme of the June Nail Art Challenge completed. Today's theme is Ocean! At first I was a little bit irked that this was the next theme, but then I decided I was going to take it as cutesy and fun as I possibly could. I ended up literally typing "cute ocean scene" and used the very first google image that popped up as my inspiration :) 

While I really loved the concept of these, I think my execution is lacking a bit. The black polish of the eyes and mouthes smeared slightly when I added a top coat, and I definitely need to practice getting the general shape of things (like fish, turtles, and whales ;) ) painted more accurately. 

I painted a similar background on all my nails before beginning, and then used my medium striper and my small detail brush to create the fish, whale, turtle and crab. I had originally left these shiny from my top coat, but I about lost my mind when I was trying to photograph the detail in these with that. The shine was creating so much glare and the whole thing just sucked! Because of this, I added a matte top coat and had much more success capturing these than before. 

I used 12 different polishes for this one, so let me know if you're curious about a color in particular :)
I also really loved how the simple sky/water/sand base looked :)
Hope everyone is/had a fabulous Saturday!!

Happy Polishing :)