Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!! For another hour and ten minutes at least ;) Today's theme for the April Nail Art Challenge is in fact Earth Day. I was really excited about doing something for today because I really do love this planet. It's pretty amazing what we have available to us in nature and all to often I am awestruck by the vastness of it all. 

I wanted to do something that showed my love of this planet while also portraying part of the beauty of it. I did an homage to what earth looks like from space (the ocean and the continents) and put a little bit of a spin on their shape...and number ;) 

The base color for this is China Glaze's Man Hunt - which I love by itself - and I used plain old painters/masking tape to create the heart shapes. To add the varying colors within each heart, I dabbed out China Glaze's Def Defying, Desert Sun and Kalahari Kiss along with OPI's Don't Mess With OPI onto my palette. Using a damp makeup sponge I dabbed the polish onto my nail to create "continents."
 Happy Earth Day to you all! I hope you got to appreciate some little bit of awesome-ness that the earth has to offer today :)

Happy Polishing!