Sunday, March 3, 2013

Retro Flowers

Raise your hand if you like skittle manis! No, not the candy...for those who don't know, a "skittle" is typically a mani that has different colors/patterns/designs on each nail. I really like doing these since it gives me a theme, yet gives me a lot of freedom within that theme. I went a bit retro with these nails. Partly because I enjoy retro patterns, but partly because there is a retro themed contest on Instagram that I am contemplating entering ;) It's always nice to have some inspiration. 

I did this design free hand and I like the outcome a lot. They are definitely funky and different, but I'm happy with them. I'm still learning how to create smooth curves and arcs, but it's tough in a small area with a brush that refuses to listen to you. Sometimes I think I'm improving, and then other times my hand and brian don't talk and suddenly I have polish everywhere but where I intended it to go. 

I always make an attempt at doing my dominant hand (though sometimes I'm just way too burnt out to do it) so here is my right hand...the line work isn't as clean, and I accidentally hit my middle finger before it was dry so that stems are all muddled. Regardless, I feel like I have a complete look :)
I also had a pretty cute helper for this mani. Fonzi snuggled up and got cozy on the couch while I was busy nail paintin'. Again, he's no where near spoiled ;) 
Dog paw! <3
Happy Polishing :)