Monday, February 11, 2013

Yeesh! Indecision much??

Those who know me would not say I am good at making decisions (big or small...I'm working on it!). Tonight was yet another example of that. I went through three manis tonight. Goodness gracious! 

First up, we've got a simple black and white mani that I actually really love. Simplicity is always a favorite of mine. The black is my nail art pen and the white is, you guessed it! OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls.
Accidently bumped these and was going to have to restart...instead, tried two polishes I've had for a little but haven't gotten around to yet. This is Orly's Snowcone and Cameo Colours Lacquer's Stroke of Midnight. 
and finally...China Glaze's I'm Not Lion and American Apparel's Office. Super super simple and while I feel like so many people have done this color combo, there is definitely a reason for it. There is something so fun and pretty and classy about it. 
Have you got a favorite? 

Happy Polishing! :)


  1. I'm loving all three! Are you still wearing #2? It would be perfect for today... Mardi Gras!

    1. Oh shoot! You're so right! I'm not wearing it anymore and it would be a great Mardi Gras one. Silly me...I'll have to make up for it tonight! :D

  2. Amazing nailstyles! I love the last one:)

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  3. LOVE!! BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway for HQCD. You could win a pair of pear drop earrings and your choice of handmade lip balm. Check it out!


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