Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Day January!

Valentine's Day is coming up soon and while my boyfriend and I will likely get something small for each other, for the most part, we don't make a huge deal out of the day...I mean, I'll totally be a fun person to be around if he doesn't get me yeah...totally NOT sarcasm...

Anyway! I find all of the Valentine's Day products and themes to be adorable and I miss the days of making a "mailbox" for your desk in elementary school and seeing if maybe, just maybe, the boy(s) you secretly like gave you an extra special Valentine sometime during the day. 

I wanted to create something fun as Valentines got closer and since there are currently a few nail art challenges/contests going around on Reddit and Instagram that have a Valentine's Day and I couldn't resist coming up with something to enter in them. I really, really, REALLY love how this turned out! 

I've had a few requests for a tutorial on how to do the middle finger, so I might work on some way to show how I did it soon. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing one as well!

Happy Polishing :)