Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nail stamps! I love you!! :D

I some how managed to come down with a horrendous flu bug that has left me out of commission for the past few days. I don't think I've ever been as sick as I was a few nights ago. I was so dehydrated and nauseous that I ended up at the hospital for medicine and an IV drip. I think I've finally overcome my fever but I'm sleeping a ridiculous amount and my head and body are not happy still. Everything hurts and I'm starting to go stir crazy so I figured I'd make a brief post until I can do my nails again. 

So! I just bought my first ever nail stamp and set of image plates and I'm so flippin' excited about them!!  

I know that stamping kits are not for everyone but I finally caved and bought myself a Konad stamper and a set of Shany image plates from Amazon. I recently got a brand spankin' new butter LONDON called Slapper that lovers of blue/green/teals should go out and immediately purchase. Butters aren't cheap, but you can often find them discounted on Amazon by up to $4 which makes them much more reasonable. Konad and Shany both recommend that you use their stamping polishes to ensure a good stamp onto your nail, but I didn't purchase these. Instead, I used an unnamed black polish from Urban Outfitters for the tree, and the white snowflakes are Milani's "White on the Spot." Both polishes were opaque and thick enough to transfer well and I think they will work for the time being. Anyway, I love this look and I'm excited to explore the nail stamping world! :)

Happy Polishing :)