Sunday, March 29, 2015

Glam Polish - Masters of Illusion Collection: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

Press Sample

Hello, hello! Long time no see! I'm sorry I've been MIA yet again. I'm dealing with quite a bit outside of my blogging life and haven't had the chance to spend time on my hobby lately. BUT! I have new polishes from Glam Polish to share with you today! Yay! These are a few shades from their new Masters of Illusion collection that will be releasing on April 1st and they're quite lovely (as is expected from Glam). Let's take a look!

Now You See Me is a utlra sparkly silver holo glitter and holo mirco-glitter with a scattering of silver flakies and microflakies. It's basically a magical disco ball in a bottle! The formula was super easy to work with and shown is 2 coats with a final thin layering of sponged on glitter.

I also did a little bit of nail art over this one that was inspired by the movie Now You See Me. I just did a simple set of card suits over this :)

Prest-o Change-o is a holographic base with some ultra holo glitter, green to purple shifting flakies, and some iridescent glass flecks and shimmer. I LOVE this one. It has such an incredibly strong duo-chrome shift that is honestly distracting while wearing it. Shown is 3 easy coats.

Sorcerer's Apprentice is a holographic base with ultra holo glitter, gold/copper flakies that have a slight shift to green and some nice iridescent color shifting glass flecks and shimmer. This one didn't have a very strong duo-chrome shift but it was beautiful nonetheless. Shown is 3 thing coats.

So the nail art to go along with this one is a bit different. The name Sorcerer's Apprentice has be thinking of magic and exploding clouds of smoke where the sorcerer disappears into so I tried to evoke the feeling of mystery and smoke into this...but I think it might just look like a tasty cinnamon roll with frosting on it...which I'm also okay with ;)

Death Defying Acts is another holographic base with more stunning ultra holo glitter, flakies that shift from pink to green and some more iridescent color shifting glass flecks and shimmer. This one feels so elegant and delicate to me and the formula was once again great. It applies thin and sheer with the first coat, but the 2nd and 3rd coats make for an easy mani.

Finally, Escape Artist has the holographic base with ultra holo glitter, cyan to violet flakies and iridescent glass flecks and shimmer. The violet shift was a little bit tough to see but in certain light it shows up nicely. Here I have 3 thin coat.

Overall, these are yet again a stunning set of polishes from Glam. I love how they've used the duo-chrome flakies with their signature holo-goodness and they make for some really visually stunning looks. My favorites are probably Prest-o Chang-o and Death Defying Acts!

You can purchase these and the rest of the Masters of Illusion Collection from beginning April 1st at 5pm EST (April 2nd at 8am AEST). Shipping to the US is $3.50 USD for the first polish and an extra $1.00 for each additional polish (which is pretty great in my opinion). Be sure to follow Glam Polish on your favorite social media site to stay up to date with the latest promotions and collections!

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So, what do you think? Any favorites jumping out right away? Let me know in the comments :)