Saturday, February 21, 2015

Delush - Spring to Conclusions Collection: Swatches, Review, & Nail Art

Hello, all! I have the brand new Delush Spring to Conclusions collection to share with you today and I'm really excited about them! I wanted to get these up earlier but I've been under the weather all week and so out of it that I didn't get a chance to finish editing my photos until now...but I hope the wait was worth it! 

As usual, these Delush shades are lovely, with easy to work with formulas. I like how bright and cheery this collection is while still being very wearable outside of the season. And, since I always love the names that Adrianna chooses for her polishes, I did a bunch of nail art for all these! Let's dig in :) 

An Offer You Can't Refuchsia is a bright fuchsia jelly packed with hues of blue, orange and purple hex glitters of varying sizes. I was worried when I first saw this that there might be too much glitter for my taste, but the jelly base helps create such an interesting layering effect that I ended up loving this one so much. It was 3 easy coats to hide my visible nail line and there was no fishing required. 
I did some abstract nail art over this that I also ended up loving. Kind of different, but they were fun to wear around.  
A Peony for Your Thoughts is a white creme base with purple, pink and magenta round and hex glitters. The large round glitters did require a little fishing, but on the whole, the formula was great on this. It was a little bit sheer, but opaque in 3 easy coats. 
And, taking inspiration from the name of the polish, I painted some bright peonies over this one. I'm not sure if they look specifically like peonies, but I gave it a shot! 
Springing in the Rain is a blue crelly with fuchsia and white glitters. This one is very bright and cheery, and captures the "April showers, brings May flowers" idiom perfectly. Shown is 3 coats. 
And, taking again from the name of the polish, I (attempted) to paint some rain drops on each nail. 
Up next is 50 Shades of Yay, a white based crelly with pastel and neon glitters. This feels so fun and youthful! The white crelly base is slightly opaque so it needed 3 coats to hide my VNL, and there was some fishing required for those large round turquoise glitters, but that was no real hassle. 
I went with something simple and clean to go along with this polish. 
In the Prime of My Lime is a green jelly with yellow, green and white glitters. There is also a nice subtle shimmer in this as well. This reminds me of a refreshing gin & tonic or maybe even abstract dandelions in the grass! Shown is 3 easy coats to reach opacity. 
Again, taking inspiration from the polish names, I painted some cute little limes over this! I accidentally top coated it too soon though and the large slice on my middle finger smeared :( 
And finally, Amazemint! This is a mint crelly with soft white and teal glitter. For some reason this one feels slightly disjointed from the rest of the collection, but that might be because it doesn't have the large glitters the rest of the collection has. Regardless, this a pretty shade and had a great formula. Shown is 3 thin coats. 
And my last nail art look is a simple abstract rose look. 
Overall, I'm loving this collection. The formulas are great and the shades are great for this time of year. I always feel so inspired by Delush polishes so it was a lot of fun to do nail art over these. 

You can grab any of these shades now from the Delush website for $8.95/bottle or grab the entire collection for the discounted rate of $48! Be sure to follow Delush on your favorite social media site to stay up to date with the latest collections and promotions! 

What do you think of these? Do you enjoy the bright spring time shades? Any favorites?