Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Hungry Asian: Li-lacquer Swatch and Art

Hiya! So I'm not feeling in tip top shape--my boyfriend managed to bring some sort of plague home with him from work and of course I have now caught it...I just didn't want him to be alone in his misery ;) Anyway, because of this, I just have something simple for you tonight. I used my newly adopted Li-lacquer made by The Hungry Asian and I'm so happy I did! This lilac creme jelly glitter is amazing and feels so much like spring and Easter to me. Loveliness in a bottle if you ask me! The application was great as is expected, and while I did have to do some fishing for glitter, it wasn't something a few coats can't handle. 

 Isn't that fun? I'm really loving pastels right now and this has just the right amount of something extra to keep me enthralled. I ended up adding some free hand white chevrons and now I feel like I've got cute little Easter Eggs on my fingers...and I love it!
Happy Polishing :)