Sunday, May 18, 2014

NAGG - Day 11: Wallpaper Nail Art

Nothing to Disclose

Hello, all! Hope you had a great weekend :) I spent mine catching up on a few things like sleep and nail art duties and hoping to start Monday off on a good foot. Tonight I'm finally caught up on the NAGG challenge by tackling the "wallpaper" theme.

While I don't have wallpaper in my house, I'm pretty positive that I need it on every available surface in my house...that's normal, right? I just love all the beautiful prints and patterns available with wallpaper and I especially dig that there are lots of funky color palettes available.

Tonight's mani is inspired by this pin I came across (which has a bad redirect but seems to have originated at this site) and I was drawn to the monochrome floral in a unique color. I love me a good yellow print!

I used one of my favorite yellows as the base for this look, American Apparel's Manila. The leaves in this look were done with my Americana Acrylic Paint in "Moon Yellow" but I contemplated using China Glaze's Kalahari Kiss since it was a similar light yellow shade. The white flowers were done with acrylic paint and the little dots inside each of them is more Manila.

While I would love to cover my house in this print, I'm pretty sure the boyfriend would have a fit. It's probably best that he reins in my love of prints a bit ;) What do you think of this print? Are you a wallpaper/print/pattern lover? Actually, don't tell me if you're not because we can't talk anymore if that's the case...just kidding ;)

Be sure to head over to The Nail Art Show to see Mireia's awesome wallpaper mani (you can use the inlinkz below!) and check out what she comes up with for the coming themes.

Happy Polishing :)