Saturday, May 17, 2014

NAGG - Day 10: Night Sky

Nothing to Disclose

Oh man, hold onto your seats, everyone! I've got another Nail-Art-A-Go-Go post to share with you today! I know, it's shocking ;) Today I'm tackling the "Night Sky" theme...which was due last Monday...but let's not talk about that! I'm almost caught up...almost!

I was a bit stumped for what to do for today. I've done a few night sky scenes (my favorite being the inspired by a song mani) and I didn't want to do something too similar to those for today. I did as I often do when I'm at a loss for inspiration, and started browsing google. And came across an image of an owl in flight and my inspiration began to flow!

There is a bit of a running joke in my family about me and owls. Several years ago, a close family friend bought me a ton of owl related items for Christmas because she "knew how much I loved owls!" The funny part was, that I had formed no real opinion on owls one way or another up to that point. I thought they were pretty cool creatures, but I wasn't as fanatical about them as our friend thought. Since then, I have received an inordinate number of owl items from people...and the best part is that I can now safely say that I do in fact love owls. They're beautiful and wise and just all around rad. So tonight's mani just feels right ;)

The only polish I used for this look was Zoya's Natty as the base polish - everything else was done using acrylic paints. I know I've been using these a lot lately, but they're so easy and they give me tons of color options. I did a slight gradient ombre across my nails from lighter blue on my pinky to almost black on my index finger to try and simulate the moonlight falling across the sky.

The owl started as a basic grey outline of the body and wings and I slowly added in the feathers, talons (that you can barely see!), and the face. That face gave me so much grief! Those eyes were so tough! I finished off the look with the random stars to add a little extra interest to solidify the night sky theme.

Overall, I'm super proud of this look. Animals are tough to paint, but I think this is definitely an identifiable owl and I'm glad I pushed myself to give it a shot. Owls really aren't too tough to paint! What do you think of this look? What would you have done for this theme? Be sure to head over to The Nail Art Show to see Mireia's awesome night sky mani by clicking the inlinkz below!

Happy Polishing :)