Monday, September 14, 2015

The Digital Dozen does Recreation Week - Day 1: 2012 Ladies, Part 1

Hello, all! I know that I have yet again been missing in action this month, but I've been busy getting ready for an epic Digital Dozen week! This month marks the group's 3rd anniversary and to celebrate, the ladies in the group are all recreating manis of our fellow DD members to showcase the talent and creativity of every member. 

Because I'm terrible at making decisions, I got the harebrained idea to try and recreate one mani from every current member of The Digital Dozen...crazy, I know! But I'm such a fan of all these women and I just couldn't help myself! So, for this week, you'll be seeing 17 recreations - one mani from each member! Yay!!...but oh my gosh, so much work! 

To keep things somewhat organized this week, I've decided to post in order of when groups of ladies added their talent to the DD - 2012 (part 1 & 2), 2013, 2014, & 2015. The Digital Dozen started in September of 2012 and while there are only a handful of the original founding members, they're still kicking butt each month:
Because of how much content there is, these will be longer posts, but if you're not up for reading, there will be plenty of picture to stare at as well :) 

1. The Crumpet: Digital Dozen does Patterns on Patterns - Camo and Roses
So as I mentioned in the intro, Debbie is the founder of the Digital Dozen and is the one that keeps us all on track and organized (with some key helpers as well! Thank you to all of you ladies!!). Since she has been here for so long, it was insanely difficult for me to narrow down which mani I wanted to do. So, I tried to stick with themes that only go back as far as I've been a member (late 2013). 

While browsing her archives, I came across the patterns on patterns week and remembered just how smitten I was with this look when I first saw it. Debbie did camo and floral and I just dig how unique and lovely this combo turned out! 
I used a base of Zoya's Taylor and then added in three shades of camo green with acrylic paints. The roses came next and were also done with acrylics. I'm wishing I had mattified my mani and I'm really not sure why I didn't! I love the randomness of Debbie's camo base and wish I had gone with that styling for mine instead, but I'm still happy with the results of this one. 
Bee's mani is from DD does Fairytale week and I just loved her take on the Frog Prince/Princess and the Frog story! She did some awesome stamping combos to create her look below. 
I started with an acrylic paint bright/dark green gradient that spread out from the center of the nail and then used my striping brush and brown paints to add the trees (how cool is that original stamp!?). Next came the girl...which was tricky for me. I used a base of a new to me brand, Ginger + Liz in Chase Me, and then sponged on white acrylic paint to produce the background. I then came back in with my base polish and painted the outline of the girl...but man it was tough and I didn't quite capture it the way Bee did. Regardless, I like this one :) 
Katee's mani is one I've loved for awhile...and I think I love it for the reasons she wasn't sure she liked it ha! I love the orange and teal color combo and of course the fact that it was an awesome floral mani. She stamped the black image first and then followed it up with the orange and teal. Love this look from her! 
I started with the same base color, OPI's My Vampire is Buff, and then painted the outlines of the flowers with my trimmed down detail brush and black acrylic paint. Then I used the same method as Katee and painted inside the lines with orange and teal acrylic paint. I think this is my favorite look of the whole week because I'm just so obsessed with orange and teal and flowers! 
This mani from Kirsten is not only one of my favorites from her, but also one of her personal favorites...and I can see why! Look how adorable and spot on her little Owly turned out!! Kirsten's look was hand painted and inspired by a cute graphic novel series (in case you weren't sure, this was done during DD Book week). She is SO spot on with her depiction of Owly. 
My attempt used the same polishes and tools as Kirsten's look. OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls as the base and Owly done in acrylic paints. Let me tell you...this was TOUGH for me to paint! I commend Kirsten's ability to recreate the original image so well because it was not easy for me to do. In the end though, I think he turned out pretty cute :) 
Finally, we have Vic's Summer themed mani! She was inspired by her vacation to the Laundry Bay estate (which looks beautiful from her photo of it!). I LOVED this look from Vic - she's a great artist and I really enjoyed seeing this landscape from her! 
My attempt used Zoya's Blu as the base and then I worked my way up from the bottom adding each layer of the landscape with acrylic paints. This helped me breakdown the details into something more manageable. I don't think I did Vic's original mani justice (I wasn't able to caputre the painterly effect like hers), but I'm still proud that I got this on the nail! 

Wow! We made it through Day 1!! Are you as excited as me to continue through the week and see the rest of the looks?? Do you have a favorite from today or see one that you'd want to recreate yourself? Let me know in the comments :)

Be sure to check out the inlinkz below to see what the other ladies have done for today!!