Friday, November 18, 2016

Zoya Urban Grunge: One Coat Cremes - Swatches & Review

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Hi again! I've got another favorite brand to share today - Zoya! This is the first half of their Fall 2016 Urban Grunge Collection and are an extension of their One Coat Creme shades. The shades in this collection are very reflective of the colors I've been seeing all fall and I like that! Let's take a look!

August is a slate greay creme that, as a lover of grey tones, I think is absolutely stunning. While these are marketed as single coaters, I've shown 2 here.

Mallory is an intensely rich lapis blue creme that is very striking on the nail. Shown are 2 generous coats.

Tara is a mulberry toned creme, and again, rich and flawless on application. 2 coats.

Courtney is a deep, almost ox blood, red creme that is a quintessential fall hue. Great formula and shown is 2 coats.

Wyatt is an emerald green creme that speaks to my SOUL. I love this hue! Almost got away with one coat but again, shown is 2.

Noah is a darkened bone creme that I loved in the bottle and loved on the nail even more. Yet another great formula and here is 2 coats.

While I've shown all these shades with 2 coats, I do think that a lot of these could make it as one-coaters. However, because of the ridges in my nails, I needed two.

The entire Urban Grunge Collection is available now from! If you love a great creme, you need these :) Be sure to follow Zoya on your favorite social media account to stay up to date with the latest collections and promotions!

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Happy Polishing :)