Saturday, February 7, 2015

Serum No. 5 - Various Swatches & Review

Hello, hello! Once again I find myself apologizing for being a bit MIA lately! I've been so busy with life lately but I'm happy to share some awesome Serum No. 5 shades with you all today! For those who don't know, Serum No. 5 donates a portion of their sales each month to charity. On top of that, they are also certified cruelty free and vegan, which means your polish buying habits are going to a great cause ;) Let's take a look!
Lilac It? I Love It! is a pale lavender/lilac shade packed with silver and purple glitters. I'm obsessed with this one. The color combination of this is so soft and delicate and I honestly had a hard time taking this one off because it was so lovely. The formula was a breeze as well, though it is sheer until you hit your 3rd coat. Shown is 3 easy coats with a coat of Serum's fast dry top coat.
Don't Peek is a greyish purple crelly packed with gold, coral, purple and green glitters. This is such an interesting color palette! I definitley do not have anything like it in my collection and I think I love it! Some might think this one might be on the pretty-ugly spectrum, and I love that! The formula on this was quite nice and shown is 3 coats.
As is typical with most Serum No. 5 polishes, this one glows in the dark (GITD)! Here is Don't Peek glowing in some green goodness!
Another Year, Let's Cheer is another GITD polish. It's a sheer grey with pale yellow, white and black glitters. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to reach opacity with this one, but after 3-4 coats, the glitters built up enough (though not thickly) on my nail to hide my natural nail relatively well.
Here's Another Year, Let's Cheer in all it's glowing glory. I like the blue hue to this one.
Orange You Sunny is, you guessed it, a bright orange shade! While this applies like a creme, the GITD pigment dries to a matte gritty finish...but it's easily hidden by top coat if that's not your taste! It's really not that noticeable without top coat either. The formula was nice, though it was a sheer and after 3 coats I can still see a slight visible nail line to the naked eye.
And Orange You Sunny has a nice bright orange glow to it!
Lights Out is a solid black shade that is similar in formula to Orange You Sunny. With a top coat on, it reminds me of liquid leather or something? I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but it's got an interesting finish that I think I'm digging. The really cool thing about this polish is that it's actually a glow in the dark shade! Who'd have thought that a black polish could glow!? Shown is 3 coats with top coat.
And the blue GITD effect!
Finally, we have Leaves You Breathless, a gold, green, copper, and red densely packed glitter that does a pretty good job of reaching opacity in 3 coats. I used a sort of dab technique to get this glitter to place where I wanted it, but overall, this is pretty easy to work with.
I've always loved the packaging and look so the Serum polishes and I'm especially fond of their logo so I did a simple mani inspired by it :)
You can purchase these and many other polishes from the Serum No. 5 shop now and be sure to follow them on your favorite social media site to stay up to date with the latest collection and promotions!

How do you like these? Do you enjoy a glow in the dark polish? I know I do :)

Happy Polishing!