Thursday, February 12, 2015

China Glaze - Road Trip Collection, Spring 2015: Swatches & Review

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Hello, all! I have a very exciting (and very large) post to share with you today! I've swatched the entire China Glaze Road Trip collection and I must say, I'm in full 'swoon' mode over how these all look together! This is CG's new Spring 2015 collection and whether it's time of year, or the colors, I'm loving this collection. It consists of 12 shades, 6 cremes and 6 cremes with shimmer added in. While some of these shades might be similar or might have dupes somewhere in the polish world, I think this is a really strong collection and I'm a fan.

I Brake for Colour is a bright pink creme with some great coral undertones. The formula was slightly runny, so I had to be sure to not load up the brush too much with polish, but other than that, I only needed 3 coats for this (though, 2 was almost nearly enough!).

Pinking Out the Window is a light pink creme with salmon undertones and has a somewhat runny formula again so I did experience some patching on application. Thin coats helped this a bit and shown is 3 coats.

Pack Lightly is a soft peachy creme with a subtle shimmer that I had a hard time capturing on camera, though it was noticeable on the nail. It is a bit on the thin side so I experienced a lot of patching on application for this one. I do love how tan this shade makes me look and I'm excited to use this in some nail art in the future! Shown is 4 thin coats.

Wanderlust is a soft lilac creme with nice pearlescent shimmer. This shade is really lovely and I'm pleasantly surprised by the shimmer in this one. I still needed quite a few coats for this one (3 thin ones), but it was still easily applied. If you grab this one and struggle with application, try a very thin first coat, the second coat slightly thicker and the third the thickest to help even everything out.

Boho Blues is a lovely periwinkle creme and I'm in love with it - it's just such a pretty shade of blue! The formula was great on this one and it was almost opaque in 2 coats, though I've shown 3 in these photos.

Dashboard Dreamer is a pale powder blue with the same subtle shimmer we've been seeing. As is common with lighter shades, this did have some patching throughout application, but the 3rd thin coat evened everything out nice enough!

License & Registration Pls is a great marine blue creme and, as with the other cremes in this collection, I'm loving this shade! The formula was wonderful and shown is just 2 easy coats!

My Way or the Highway is a vibrant turquoise creme so you know I'm absolutely in love with it! It was definitely the stand out shade of the collection to me and it's absolutely flawless on! The formula was great and shown is 2 coats.

Trip of a Lime Time is a bright spring green creme that reminds me of a bright version of Def Defying from a few years back. This was another stand out shade when I first saw the collection and it is still a favorite! Shown is 3 coats.

Sun's Up Top Down is a bright, sunny yellow with a hint of shimmer mixed in. This was actually on the thicker side formula wise which was still very manageable to work with. I was worried this would show some visible nail line, but 3 coats reached opacity nicely.

Pop the Trunk is a bright orange creme that isn't too in your face with I really like! I was worried that the formula on this would be tricky, but this was perfect. It was almost opaque in 2 coats, but shown is 3.

More to Explore is a bright muted coral pink creme and I think it's my favorite of the bright pink/coral shades in this collection. The formula was also the best of the lot of the pinks and it was practically opaque in 2 coats but I've shown it with 3.

As I stated before, I really like this collection. While the lighter shades gave me a quite a few problems in application, it's not something that you can't work around if you're patient (which I'm not always!). There are definitely some standout shades in here that I know will find their way into my regular polishing cycle.

This collection is available now from Ulta and Sally Beauty and be sure to follow China Glaze on your favorite social media site to stay up to date with their latest collections and promotions!

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So, what do you think? Will you be picking any of these up? I did my best to show these colors as true to life as possible but it's not always possible. If there are any shades you're not sure about, let me know and I can try and show the polish in different lights and whatnot.

Happy Polishing :)