Friday, November 21, 2014

ALIQUID Lacquer - Anniversary Trio: Swatches, Review & Link to Giveaway/Contests!

Press Sample

Hello, all! Today I've got swatches of the ALIQUID Lacquer First Anniversary trio of polishes! These were created by Alison in honor of all the hard work and improvements that she's made in her first year of having her shop open. Anniversaries are great times to reflect on resolutions of the past and update them for future ventures, so this collection is just that! These polishes were made to reflect some future goals for this indie brand. How cool is that??
Artsy is a coral crelly full of turquoise, yellow, purple and grey matte hexes. This polish is to help Alison to remember to broaden her horizons and approach polish making with a fresh perspective!

I liked this polish in the bottle quite a bit, but the first coat of it had be thinking that the color wasn't going to work with my skin tone. However, after I got to 3 thin (and easy) coats, I really liked this one. It's very unique and not in a bad way. It is definitely artsy and I like this one a lot.

Dogged is probably my favorite of these 3 just because it's so perfect for this time of year and the formula was amazing. It's a mocha scattered holo and it's stunning. Amazing formula and great for wearing to work while still showing a little bit of pizzazz!

As an indie maker with lots of competition, Alison knows it can be discouraging to keep going, but this polish is in honor of believing in oneself and to not give in to those doubts.

Finally, we have Gregarious, a bright, lime green jelly packed with holographic and iridescent green, yellow and gold glitter in multiple shapes and sizes. This is a really fun polish. I couldn't stop staring at how sparkly and pretty it was on the nail! It is definitely bright and cheery and maybe a bit out of place in the fall/winter season, but it's refreshing to see a bright polish like this right now. I needed 2-3 coats for this one and the formula was very workable.

I love the inpsiration behind this shade (it also helps you understand why it's so bright and bold!). Alison created this polish to remind herself to leave her comfort zones and remain open, approachable and outgoing in the next year (and who couldn't do that with this baby on their finger tips!?).

And, how about a drool worthy macro shot! :D

Also available right now is a new Champagne frosting scented lip balm that smells deliciously of floral, grape and vanilla! I wore this off and on for about a week and loved it!

Overall, these are so great polishes with great formulas. While the color scheme of this trio might seem out there to some, I actually really like how they go together...and I especially love the meaning behind each polish. I also appreciate that this is a good cross section of the polishes that Alison creates - crelly, holo and chunky glitter.

You can purchase these shades now directly from the ALIQUID Lacquer shop and in honor of the Anniversary celebration, they will be available for 30% off through December 1st (yay!).

Additionally, there are a few fun things happening to help celebrate!

- Giveaway of the anniversary trio on the ALIQUID blog - enter here!
- Nail Art contest running on Instagram (@aliquidlacquer) - directions here!
- Daily discount for a different set of polishes.
- Flash giveaways on the ALIQUID Facebook page every few days - Facebook.

So, what do you think? There are some fun shades here as well as in the rest of the shop - definitely worth a quick browse!

Happy Polishing and Congratulations to Alison on her one year of polish making! :)